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Date/Time: Sun, 26 May 2019 20:23:46 +0000

Symbol subscription management

Support Request:
[2017-12-10 10:52:53]
Usermb - Posts: 126
Since I have also subscribed to US Equities data feed I have a problem with the Symbol Limits that cannot efficiently be solved by getting a higher limit overall since it doesn't scale that well and at custom 500+ it's both overkill and expensive.

I actually do not need to be subscribed to real time data for all of these symbols, nor do I need the level 2 data so I already switched to "Use Low Bandwidth..." option in DTS for my swing instance.

I have multiple SC instances open with 100's of chart windows for:
- various single (not [C]) futures contracts
- options on futures contracts

Although I need the intraday tick data, I do not need real time data for them. An update once an hour would suffice. For options even once every 4 hours would do it.
I experimented with Chart/Quote Board update intervals, it doesn't help.

1. What really happens when I have a SC instance with 200 charts open for 200 different futures symbols and my limit is at 70 futures symbols?
2. Is there any way I could tell SC not to be subscribed RT to some symbols? I am very grateful for your service, and since I do not really need the RT data, you would also benefit from lower load.
[2017-12-10 20:54:42]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 72161
Set up a separate instance for the charts you do not want real-time data for and uncheck Global Settings >>Data/Trade Service Settings >> Allow Support for Sierra Chart Data Feeds.

You can control the chart historical data download interval as explained here:

Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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