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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 06:44:37 +0000

When are .DLY files updated? Can a global or chartbook-wide update be forced?

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[2017-11-29 00:40:26]
ErikT - Posts: 60
Couldn't find any detail in the documentation on when .DLY files are updated.

I am importing them into Excel. My problem is getting them to stay up to date. At first I guessed that if I opened a chartbook containing all the symbols I was interested in, the act of opening the CB would (I guessed) cause the .DLY files to be updated. This seems to work in the vast majority but not all cases.

Specifically, I am trying to get futures spread symbols to update with the closing price (which is zero all day before the close). My desire is to take some action after the pit close to force them all to be updated with closing prices. So at 2:45 I close and re-open a CB that contains historical charts for every symbol I want to import to Excel. 95% of them update, but a few do not. On the off chance it matters, one example is F.US.CLES1U19.DLY. I have closed and re-opened CBs containing that and other symbols several times this evening, but that one still has a file write timestamp at 2:30pm, and no closing price. CLES1F20 is another example - that one has a 4:55pm timestamp (and therefore, a closing price), but not the 6:29pm timestamp of all the other .DLY files. (6:29pm was the time I last closed and re-opened the CBs containing all the symbols).

Is there some action I can take to cause a group of .DLY files to all be brought up to latest available data? I was able to do this on a per-symbol basis using "Delete & Re-Download Data" on the right-click menu on the chart for the affected symbol. But I don't see a way to do it for the entire chartbook.

Thanks in advance,
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[2017-11-29 04:40:27]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65114
The particular command you want to use is this one:

Also, whether the server, in this case CQG, is going to provide up-to-date data for those particular spread contracts or not is not within our control.

This page also has useful information:
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[2017-11-29 12:35:46]
ErikT - Posts: 60
Exactly what I needed; thanks!!!


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