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Date/Time: Sun, 16 Jun 2019 07:56:43 +0000

Can't log in to Sierra Chart Data

Support Request:
[2013-08-16 22:08:06]
User27083 - Posts: 1

I've been unable to get a Transact feed to connect to Sierra charts all day. The Sierra error prompt I keep getting is:

"GSP - Starting server: C:\SierraChart\SierraChartTransActMA\Transact\TransactToSierraBridge.exe | 2013-08-16 10:55:07
GSP: Connecting to the server Port 1869 | 2013-08-16 10:55:09
Error connecting socket: Windows error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. | 2013-08-16 10:55:10"

I contacted Transact/Infinity. They told me this is a Sierra issue and that Sierra tech people are working to resolve the problem. I asked, when it might be fixed and they said they didn't know, suggesing that I connect you on the support board.

Would you please tell me when you expect this issue will be fixed?

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[2013-08-16 22:49:39]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 72845
That is an interesting response from TransAct. This is not a Sierra Chart issue and we are not working to resolve this problem.

Usually a problem like this is due to a firewall on your system blocking the connection to the TransAct bridge software or the port 1869 is in use on your system.

Here is the relevant help topic for this:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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