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[2013-03-27 16:22:08]
Zonescalper - Posts: 6
Dear support,

I trading through infinity with Sierracharts/ ATcharts. I entered into a trade with a bracket order. I closed the trade by pushing the flatten button on the trade window. A glitch happened and even though I closed the position the entry line and one of the bracket orders were still in the chart. Then I got a warning that the software was disconnected. I closed and re-open the software and both lines were gone.
When I checked the trade activity log I only see the buy order and not the close order. My question is: Is this a problem or will it update the close order later on?

Kind regards, Zonescalper
[2013-03-27 17:38:30]
Zonescalper - Posts: 6
Now I am not getting the entry line when I enter the trade, only the bracket orders. Please advice?
[2013-03-27 18:48:27]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 98792
You should see a "Fill" for the market order submitted by the Flatten action in the Trade Activity Log, after you restart the Sierra Chart.

If not, then reconnect to the data feed to receive the missing order fills. Please see:

Do you see the correct position shown on the Trade >> Trade Orders And Positions>> Positions tab? If so, then the issue is just that there is no Average Price available because TransAct does not provide this. And if you continue to not receive the missing fill, then this is the reason why Sierra Chart cannot determine the Average Price properly.

You will need to clear the Trade Activity data for the symbol as explained in the documentation we linked to.
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