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Date/Time: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 06:51:50 +0000

No T&S data when using remote instance

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[2013-06-13 05:16:33]
joshtrader - Posts: 377
I have a trading DOM open in SC installation "A", which references a source data file in installation "B", and have the alternate real-time update symbol set and "use non-chart data from remote" is off.

When I click on the DOM and do a "open T&S window," I get no data at all in the window. Any chart set up this way (with the alternative real-time update symbol) behaves this way.

According to the documentation, however, I should get T&S data from the "A" data source, as I have non-chart remote data turned off. But either way, I would expect to get SOME T&S data... as it is, nothing is coming through. I am getting depth from source "A" as expected, but no T&S data at all from either source. Am I doing something wrong?
[2013-06-13 08:14:11]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104215
We have found the problem and it will be resolved in the next release.
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