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Date/Time: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 07:13:17 +0000

[User Discussion] - Any Linux experts?

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[2013-06-07 19:23:29]
maxpi - Posts: 141
Under Windows OS SC can be configured in the Global Settings >General Settings to find it's dll's on a flash drive. When I'm running SC via Wine on Linux [Mint 15] the thumb drive doesn't show as a configuration choice. Is that doable somehow?
[2013-06-07 19:55:52]
ganz - Posts: 1048

i'm not a Linux expert but i'm using SC on Linux

yes, it's possible with ln command

for exmpl if your data folder on flush-drive is /mnt/myFlushDrive/SC_Data

then go to ~/.wine/drive_c/SierraChart/

~:> cd ~/.wine/drive_c/SierraChart/

make sure you are not using any folder w the same name as the link will be using

then make the link from this place to your flush-drive's data folder

~:> ln -sf /mnt/myFlushDrive/SC_Data myNewDataFolder

make sure the link has been made

~:> ls -la

start SC and choose myNewDataFolder

gd lck
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[2013-06-07 20:02:06]
maxpi - Posts: 141
tnx much

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