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Date/Time: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 05:29:15 +0000

Post From: Market Depth Historical Graph

[2016-07-06 01:24:53]
Acro - Posts: 242
I haven't noticed performance slowdowns in this prerelease and I agree it is much better than the last iteration !

Another idea is to be able to display buyside and sellside total bid ask volume percentages in the region data line.

Eg if buyside total percentage was 60% and sellside was 40% then there may be a clear imbalance causing prices to be magnetically attracted to that higher level of liquidity.

I can get these totals on the Trade DOM/Chart DOM but I feel they would be better placed in the region data line of the chart with the depth bands.
I also find that if you put the graph DOM on a chart and there is a lot of activity in those bid ask depths then it can get very distracting and take your focus away from the wider picture.
That's why I would love to see it isolated above in the region data line.

EDIT - I've started using "Time and Sales Total Ask Size Depth" and it does the job nicely thank you - this works really well with the historical depth graph
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