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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 14:41:18 +0000

Post From: Market Depth Historical Graph

[2016-06-30 13:18:13]
ejtrader - Posts: 533
SC Team - Would you please see if it is possible to have an option to limit the depth display to the price bars only or extend by certain bars rather than occupying full right fill space. At present the issue is - few of the ACSIL studies built with draw behind main graph values - which are displayed on the right fill space are no longer visible(covered by historical depth graphs) irrespective of the order of the studies on the chart.

Or alternately - if there is a way for historical depth graph to be drawn behind any other studies - this would solve all the issues around depth covering other studies. Probably this would be a better solution overall.

Date Time Of Last Edit: 2016-06-30 15:16:57