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Date/Time: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:42:10 +0000

Post From: Future planned OS platforms for SC

[2016-04-07 01:56:04]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 251
User754985: It's not really about getting that extra 1ms performance. This is a long thread, so I'll throw out a quick summary.

The linux/unix argument is about dumping bloat, long term stability, privacy, security, and getting away from poor M$ engineering that continually plagues a monopolistic company that has $10's of billions in cash laying around in the bank that refuses to address real world problems about its products. It's about switching to an OS platform that "just works" as advertised.

Privacy: Scroll up and see the altervista/win10 arguments. It also seems like just about any win program I install nowadays wants to hijack my browser settings and install spyware. It's not just about win10. Smart phones and tablets also have privacy issues, but SC isn't even close to being on those yet.

Security: Last night I rolled back my win7 install to a clean backup made 10 months ago. First thing I do is regular upgrades in preparation for a new clean backup. Win7 updates took 3 damn hours for 50 critical security updates (M$ quit naming these in the update window because they're just about all "take over your system" fixes) and 20 optional updates totaling about 88megs (hidden slowness jab intended). People who claim there's nothing wrong with M$ don't have enough experience to back up that statement. Yes, all OS's find periodic "take over your system" type bugs, but not at the M$ frequency. Yes, all OS's have some kind of viruses, but unix viruses are much rarer because of the designed in multi-user security model that dates back to the early 1970's (and is continually updated). The M$ security model hasn't changed much from the days of DOS.

Drivers: Since I rarely use my dual boot back into win7, I keep forgetting about the win7 graphics chip driver problems. It doesn't always clean up the screen when it is supposed to. Moving another window over the trash will repaint the affected areas. I do not have that problem with the generic built in linux driver. This is a Radeon, so it's not like it's an unknown chip from an unknown company. Repaint problems are usually sloppy driver implementations. Win is well known for sloppiness.

Stability: I can run my linux systems well over a year, up, running, without reboot, and without major problems with no stop in sight. I've done it several times with my home systems and rack servers. My best uptime was 807 days before being taken down for over due upgrades... The only real reason I'd reboot is for a kernel upgrade (I do a few custom compiles a year) and critical security updates that I want to make sure the old library got dumped.

I've yet to see any M$ install (including server) that can compete with that. Leave a regularly used win server up and running for that long and it will start cratering from run time “rot”.

I detail my various OS stances back in post 49:

If you're taking cues from ganz, don't. Nearly everything he has said about linux is misguided and wrong. I say that from real world professional experience gained the hard way from being down in the admin trenches... as do some others here. There is a HUGE difference between the M$ world and unix world.