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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 04:31:32 +0000

Post From: Future planned OS platforms for SC

[2016-04-06 17:42:53]
User754985 - Posts: 99
From a business perspective,there a two distinct SC user groups - each with its own needs.

For Algo traders - a "taken-for-granted" approach is a server in a DC,close to the broker,only running SC.
A WinServer in a minimal install running such an efficient software like SC is very stable. What "rot",driver issues,etc??
With correct combination of hosting provider/NIC/OS settings,CPU, latency can be improved, but probably running under linux can reduce it further (1-2ms?? i am not a big expert in linux). OS overhead difference would be negligible compared to other issues related to network congestion,provider,broker systems, etc..
Going with linux will also save appr.$25/month in WinServer rent costs (if renting a dedicated server).

Advanced algo traders would gladly max SC on Linux. But is there a real problem/need or would improvement be significant? I do not think so.

For the "charting package" users - I could hardly imagine that many people would have/add a dedicated linux "trading" computer at home side-by-side with their regular Windows/OSx' one (and plain switching en mass is ruled out).
Trading manually from charts from home is latency-independent by default(otherwise one would rent a server near broker) and any irregularities in operation can be immediately addressed.

SC Core users,those who see and appreciate the difference in reliability and efficiency(which comes from experience with other software) are usually knowledgeable enough and understand the priority and discipline to maintain their trading Windows computers lean and stable. That's the small "cost of doing business", like in any other profession.

So, stable SC under Win on Parallels/VMFusion/VirtualBox should be good enough for "discretionary trading Mac users".
If they are trading by now, they most probably already have this set-up - since no other popular trading platform is on Mac.
I really doubt SC would gain userbase being 'Mac-Native". It would be odd if having a Mac would drive choice of a trading platform for "semi-professional'.
It might make more business sense to just improve compatibility/stability under those boxes (if there are any issues).