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Post From: The Story of IG Markets and Sierra Chart. Classic Breach of Contract

[2016-02-19 21:33:45]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68077
They said the reason they do not want to work with us is because we are not a broker according to top management. It is not because of some other "business case". This was something later raised later.

If there was not a business case in the beginning, providing us the technical specifications and a test account to integrate to the FIX server will not in any way change the "business case". It changes absolutely nothing when it comes to their need for a "business case".

So why did they they provide us the technical specifications to begin with? It makes no sense whatsoever and it would not make any sense for us to integrate if there was still a business case question still remaining. Certainly we were not aware of that.

And as we said previously, the business case already exists.

And when were ready after integration, they had no business case questions to even ask us at that point in time but indicated that they were going to proceed with their side of the agreement.

Furthermore, we do have the technical ability to use a single FIX connection and route orders from multiple users over a single FIX connection. But they said they do not even want to work with anyone other than brokers. So even that is not even possible. And then they raised legal issues relating to market data which are solvable but then they disregarded our solutions.
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