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Post From: Future planned OS platforms for SC

[2015-12-12 21:49:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68091
Regarding QT, as we have previously said it was something being considered, but there was never any definite decision until there was more consideration, there was performance testing, and until we had sufficient experience with it and understanding of it.

It is our decision that QT is not going to be used and never would be used. It would have been a disastrous mistake for ourselves and for users if we did something like that and that would never have happened. Support of another operating system will not come in 2016 but may come in 2017.

And the concept of a multi-OS development framework probably is not necessarily the right choice for Sierra Chart because we need to have complete control over the program and have direct interface with the OS for performance reasons. We would have to find the right development framework that is very lightweight and reliable, and in combination use that with direct OS interfacing for various things like network I/O and file I/O.

The WX Widgets framework/library is something we are looking at.

None of this is a simple task and is the basic reason why the support of another operating system by Sierra Chart, is not going to come for at least another year.

Also the QT bug mentioned is something we have also seen with Skype on Windows and we understand that Skype uses QT. So it is interesting you mention that bug because we noticed it about two weeks ago and it was confirmation to us of the serious danger in getting involved with these other development frameworks and why QT would never come under consideration any longer.
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