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Post From: Notice: Important Update for Interactive Brokers Users

[2015-12-04 05:35:58]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65062
Another issue that has arisen recently with Interactive Brokers is that the volume data for stocks was being sent by Interactive Brokers with higher values than previously. Probably multiplied by 100. In the past, volume data would be reported in hundreds, so the values were smaller.

Versions of Sierra Chart prior to recent releases, used to multiply volume data for stocks by 100 to create actual volume numbers.

So this volume multiplication was removed from recent releases but it now appears the Interactive Brokers is now sending volume data like previously with lower values (in hundreds).

Therefore, we have added back the volume multiplier for US stocks. However, as this was being implemented there was an error where the volume data for non stock symbols was being multiplied instead of stocks. This was an issue possibly in 1334 and definitely 1335.

This problem is now corrected in the latest revision of 1335. Update to the latest revision of 1335 by downloading the prerelease following the instructions here:


Where you see incorrect volume data in the chart, re-download the data by following these instructions:
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