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Post From: Future planned OS platforms for SC

[2015-11-12 20:09:30]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 64955
The basic fundamental problem is once we start using QT for windows and dialogs, the entire main application object and all of the windows and all of the dialogs all have to be converted at once. And all of the graphics code would have to be changed or at least some changes would have to be made.

This is too much work all at once.

This is the basic fundamental problem. The consequences of this are potentially so serious, that we realize at this point it is a risk that we are not willing to take. A good example of this is whenever Microsoft comes out with a new operating system, they make too much of a drastic change . Think about all of the problems that users experience. That is not something that is acceptable to us or our users.

The strategy has to be to find a way to incrementally port Sierra Chart to another operating system gradually while still maintaining the Windows version as it always has been other than incremental changes.

So we do not think the QT at this point, is a reasonable choice for a project like this. That is why, no firm decision was ever made on it.

We will look at these other GUIs mentioned in the post above. If we can start using something like that gradually to modify our existing code, that may be a good choice.

We will continue on the path, of making changes to Sierra Chart so it is less and less dependent on Microsoft classes and functions.
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