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Post From: Installing Sierra Charts on second computer

[2013-03-27 20:29:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104215
I think that it won't work because I have to pay you for using Sierra Charts

Yes, this is correct.

but you might understand I don't do that because I pay already for Sierra Charts.

Yes, we understand. And this is why you cannot proceed further and why there is step 7 here:

Once you have completed the steps and now have a direct Sierra Chart account, you will no longer need your other Sierra Chart account you may have had through the affiliate. You will no longer need to pay for Sierra Chart through the affiliate if you have been doing that, and can cancel with them. To make a payment for Sierra Chart directly through us, select Help >> Purchase on the menu.

We have clear instructions and procedures established for this case. So the problem here is, that you are not following through the procedures and this is what causes the frustration. We understand why you are not following the procedure, but you must.

The Sierra Chart account you are receiving through your broker is a limited account.
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