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Date/Time: Sun, 29 May 2022 01:27:37 +0000

Post From: problem with historical data

[2013-06-11 22:17:51]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
the bar for 6/10/2013 is plotting incorrect data

the attached picture is what the gold chart is plotting with a chart values window right next to it showing the OHLC for that day..


in the above link if you go back to yesterdays trade date and look at the "Aug 13" row, those are the correct OHLC for that bar.

if i edit the data and save it, it will not stay in the corrected form after a reboot. and the download data - historical chart does not fix anything.

i am thinking the problem is the data provider is not giving accurate OHLC for that day since that is what you told me, i just want the accurate data.

imageGC.PNG / V - Attached On 2013-06-11 22:13:43 UTC - Size: 51.25 KB - 424 views