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Date/Time: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 08:42:03 +0000

Post From: Installing Sierra Charts on second computer

[2013-03-27 10:03:05]
zatopek - Posts: 15
Thanks but sorry, that doesn't work unfortunately. I have access at the Support Board with an "old" username and password. If I try to login at SC with that password I am getting an System Notification Message which tells me "Your account has 0 Days of usage time left. I don't understand.

I am using the same username for access trading services and support board. Only the password is different. I can't remember my password for Sierra Charts because on my old PC I only have to use my login name and password for trading services......automatically Sierra Charts is starting up. That's the reason I can't remember my password.

And what do you mean by paying for Sierra Chart usage time on your account? I am paying automatically $ 15,95 per month if I am trading < 20 roundturns per month. Otherwise it is free for paying. I have my account at Transact Futures. Please help me.