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Date/Time: Mon, 23 May 2022 23:46:52 +0000

Post From: Serious Issues with TPO Profile

[2013-05-29 14:42:03]
drywater0 - Posts: 80
I have been using this study for the last couple weeks without any issues. However, this morning the letters associated with TPO are not behaving as expected despite unchanged settings.

1) Chart Settings for SPY are 09:30 - 16:00 without Evening Session
2) Study Settings are many so I attach screen shots of what I'm using. I have NOT customized TPO letters as per TPO Setting #4 attachment.

As can be seen from chart screen shot, the TPO profiles always start with the letter A but this morning it is starting with the letter N.


Furthermore, the TPO profile is stuck on the letter N and should have proceeded to the third letter because the time is 10:35am and we are into the third 30min period of the session.

I am using an IQ Feed for all of the above. In an effort to gain an understanding of what was amiss, I set up a second version of Sierra Charts in a separate folder using the IB feed with identical settings for Feed (tick level data), Chart and the Study. In this case the TPO profile is working fine as shown by the attached screen shot.


For both installations of Sierra, I'm using my appropriate time zone setting of New York. The only difference is that the IQ Feed is running off of Version 979 while the recently installed IB feed is using Version 976. I upgraded to 979 to avoid the continual "Port 2" IQ Feed connection errors in the message log about a week ago so I don't believe this should make a difference.

I would really appreciate your help on this one. I just finished my trial last Friday and became a paying member of Sierra Charts specifically for the TPO and Volume studies so their accuracy is very important for me. Many thanks in advance.
imageTPO Settings # 1.JPG / V - Attached On 2013-05-29 14:38:41 UTC - Size: 116.66 KB - 460 views
imageTPO Settings # 2.JPG / V - Attached On 2013-05-29 14:38:53 UTC - Size: 118.94 KB - 574 views
imageTPO Settings # 3.JPG / V - Attached On 2013-05-29 14:39:02 UTC - Size: 118.37 KB - 471 views
imageTPO Settings # 4.JPG / V - Attached On 2013-05-29 14:39:10 UTC - Size: 154.61 KB - 520 views
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