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Date/Time: Fri, 20 May 2022 16:48:25 +0000

Post From: calculate (draw) Study on Bar Close

[2013-05-28 06:02:22]
Rainer - Posts: 108
I don't think you really understood what is requested here, as your answer is brutally blunt NO; (like a car manufacturer saying NO to a customer's request of just having simple electric windows). And I am merely requesting a functionality as offered by ALL your competitors charting platforms across the board.

As the last Bar forms on a 5 minute chart with a Stochastic indicator (for instance), I the User only want the see the Stochastic's 'last stroke' (for that last Bar) drawn, at the end of that 5min bar (as the next 5min bar forms). Reason: "Your decision is to go Long on turn of Stochastic (or cross-over), which might change even in the last few seconds (of the 5min bar-cycle) and/but you don't want to be influenced otherwise (while the Stochastic fluctuates during the bar's 5min duration) particularly when glancing over many open charts on my six monitors.

Now having said all that: How would I (for instance) implement this feature in a Custom Study for Auto-Trading; whereas you program an automatic "BUY" on Stochastic cross-over command but only on Bar Close (not at any cross-over while the bar is still forming and its 5min duration is not complete)?
And if this is able to be programmed in a Custom Study then this parameter should also be available throughout the Sierra Chart platform! Don't you think? (Much like simple electric windows are found in almost all cars.)