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Date/Time: Thu, 26 May 2022 05:49:34 +0000

Post From: Buying a New Computer

[2013-05-25 18:00:45]
User75101 - Posts: 12
51479.... SSD's were the natural evolution of RAMdisks... which still exist and are used over SSD's (meaning in combination with de-staging to SSD)... if I wanted to get quicker response from a PC (depending on what you classify quicker response) I wouldnt use a SSD but a RAMDISK.... again, depends what we are talking about when you are referring about eliminating latency within a computer...

in any event, assuming consumer products here and retail use... SSD's are more than adequate and as you stated it lowers a consumer latency...

I do agree with you as to there being no need to place all data on SSD's... that to me is just pointless as well... as you stated, 4TB drives run for under $200 (I know as I just bought 4 of them last week to place inside my N54L) so that is what one should use (mirrored at all times for protection of one's data of course) for storing their data and save SSD's for critical OS/Apps and Critical Data... SSd's still fail and get corrupted, I know from experience.

as to spending $2K on a trading computer... I get my workstations refurbished from HP Z420's.. and my monitors are HP as well... (but new) ZR2740w's.. a pair of 27".... I spent around ~$2500 for two systems ... cost of doing business... "cost effective" is relative to how long you plan to keep your investment for... I don't have to lifecycle my computers for another 2-3 years... at which point in time they will be another write off... but I certainly wouldnt spend $2K on an SSD ...

lastly, HDD's will fail, so will SSD's... nothing will necessarily last the "life" of a computer.. keep in mind a computer can last decades... media, not necessarily... always protect your data by mirroring it .. specially now that cost per GB on SATA side is so cheap.. personally, I prefer to use a separate server for my backups... that is why I got the 2 pairs of 4TB's... those are going on my N54L using ReFS, single pool mirrored with two volumes 4TB each... if a disk fails, which it will before its prescribed MTBF.. I am protected... oh, the N54L also has an SSD for the OS... a 64GB...paid about $60 for it..

anyhow, I think we are of the same point of view just from different perspectives.