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Date/Time: Thu, 26 May 2022 05:48:21 +0000

Post From: Buying a New Computer

[2013-05-25 17:32:34]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
they were made so your computer can execute applications faster and get quicker response times out of your pc.. there was no problem with how things were stored prior to an SSD

but both of you just made my point on having external sources aside from your SSDs, whether it be HDDs, USBs, whatever. something else is needed besides SSDs for a long lasting computer. about the SSD being $1/GB, i thought we were trying to be cost effective here. my entire computer cost $2000 with monitors and everything, there is no reason at all anyone should be spending $500-$1000 on an SSD unless they were hardcore gamers, and that is not necessary for someone who says he will only be using sierra and windows. a USB is also alot more expensive than an HDD, im looking at $90-$150 for 128gb, multiply that by 8 and you are getting 1024gb for $800, which is no better than using a huge SSD. both of these paired against an $80 1tb HDD, i dont see what is wrong with using that. Using SSD for most important applications like windows and sierra, and HDD for everything else would cost him $200 and give him the most bang for his buck.. am i wrong?

and yea tastyrisk, i was mistaken it was both sierra and windows that took up 70g