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Date/Time: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 06:17:40 +0000

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[2014-11-25 14:49:05]
CycleTrader - Posts: 12
I also have both an IB and IG account so +1 for IG integration.

Currently the only Chart based trading/integration for IG is through ProRealtime, which is really not bad software but is YAPTFOAL (Yet Another Platform To Figure Out And Learn)

I prefer SC as front-end (by a factor).

That said, I'm an experienced developer myself and appreciate the daunting challenge of getting such a project going and getting it to the level with happy customers.
I'm baffled how you even get the other ones to work.

So... please do it! But don't do it if you not sure it is going to pay-off.

I wish you fortitude and wisdom :-)