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Date/Time: Tue, 28 May 2024 03:24:04 +0000

Post From: replay /data loading with remote instance

[2014-06-14 19:52:42]
enemyspy - Posts: 304
-There are currently 2 instances of sierra chart

-Instance 1 is the data source, instance 2 contains the destination chart book. It is set up this way because sometimes several instances are used, this is done to minimize downloading, storage ect.

-There are 2 Continuous contract charts open in the replay instance linked by symbol,session time, scroll position, days to load. Both fed remotely [R] from instance 1.

-Any time changes are made to chart settings ei(start/end) or replay is initiated, instance 2 re-downloads continuous contract data from instance 1, and takes a very long time.

-Currently loading only 5 days of data.

-Previous to rolling over to the 09 contract this did not seem to be as much of an issue, instance 2 would just reload the charts very fast without the "Downloading continuous contract data" message popping up.

Do I have to insert the data into a native folder in instance 2 and switch to "this instance" in data settings to avoid this?
Or any other suggestions?
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