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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 11:45:16 +0000

Post From: Parallel Rays

[2023-08-17 19:49:31]
User676363 - Posts: 56
May I continue this same topic regarding Parallel Rays/Lines?

Can we please consider allowing the menu option "Make Line Parallel" and "Make Parallel to Previous" and also perhaps "Create Parallel Line" to work with the following?
1) Pitchforks
2) Parallel Lines
3) Parallel Rays

I find that I cannot make align a pitchfork to a parallel line set.
I also cannot align a parallel line set to a pitchfork.

The line tool can be used and duplicated, but I would like to have some more flexibility and all of these tools might be better if they align, so to speak.

Thank you.