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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 01:22:29 +0000

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[2014-05-20 06:18:15]
User40520 - Posts: 62
Engineering, I'm surprised about the offer to integrate SC with eSignal - it's never going to work because of a conflict of interests. eSignal offers charts, indicators and chart trading just like SC does except it's not as good as SC. Anyone using eSignal and then SC will question why use eSignal. I can't see eSignal doing anything but stonewalling SC on this one.

IG are different because they are a broker. ProRealTime are good at a lot of things but very frustrating with the limitations SC do not have. For example, if you want to overlay one indicator on another PRT have set limitations on what indicator works with another indicator. Also the PRT version offered through IG was a cut down version of the top PRT package. I don't know if that is still the case as it's been a few years since I compared both.

However PRT offer free data though IG whereas PRT's data feed is expensive going direct to PRT, so it depends on the whether SC can offer free data for IG subscribers.

IG offer the benefit to UK customers of tax free spread betting on financial markets and they do have a large client base but how many are sophisticated enough to need more than PRT is a question.

I'd be interested in trading IG spreads if SC were offering the front end. Spread betting companies are infamous for pinging clients with wide spreads so hearing recommendations for IG from SC users is helpful.

If SC can offer a complete free package to IG customers such as PRT do then it would probably interest a lot of their customers once they compare java based PRT with SC. There doesn't appear to be any conflict of interests here unlike eSignal who have a lot of dissatisfied customers at the moment (Google it).

No way eSignal will invite their customer base to try SC.

Engineering have you considered emailing your own clients to see what they think of tying up with the likes of eSignal or IG or whoever else is on your future list? The feedback might be helpful to prioritize what you focus on and save you some time and frustration.

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