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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 16:02:00 +0000

Post From: No response from Sierra servers

[2023-02-10 20:57:17]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14044
No definitely do not create a new account. We can keep it active . Also an inactive Sierra Chart account does not prevent you from posting on this board.

There's quite a lot of errors in here. So the firewall is blocking several connections.

These connections are still getting blocked:

SC DTC Delayed Exchange Data | Connecting to the server ds25.sierracharts.com. Port 10043 | 2023-02-10 13:28:37.688
SC Data - All Services | Connecting to the server ds26-2.sierracharts.com. Port 10048 | 2023-02-10 13:28:37.688

Take note of the server and the port. Use a Ping to determine the IP address.

Here is another connection getting blocked:
HD Request # 3 | Using server: ds13-2.sierracharts.com port 10150 | 2023-02-10 13:28:54.459

There are going to be quite a few ports and IP addresses for you to open up. Maybe it is not worth it for you. Maybe the customer should be finding a different way to connect. All of the data you need is already in the log. At this point there is no need to be consulting with us further. You can see the connection addresses which you can ping and get the IP address for and the port.
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