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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 09:00:47 +0000

Post From: "Set Dates to Exclude" - comma delimiter not working

[2023-02-07 22:45:20]
User61168 - Posts: 369
I am looking for this
you can create a custom chart, to load only the data that you want:
ACSIL Interface - Custom Chart Bars
I will take whatever I can get but here's my wish list:
1) build a study (let's call it "Chart Builder") that I can include as a study to all my study collections.
2) Chart builder would allow me to input comma delimited data strings to include and exclude set of dates I choose to filter out or include.
3) Chart builder will have inputs that will allow me to select the chart type I need (4T range, aligned renko, 500volume, 1000 trades etc)... all chart type combinations that SC platform comes with along with the necessary inputs (gaps or no gaps, the list stated in the dropdown for renko chart type etc)
4) Whatever input is given to chart builder, I also want to reference them in my study collection meaning, if I have a 4 and select range bar chart, I should be able to access this value of "4" as a subgraph in simple alert formula. I have specific rules/logic based on these chart input parameters
5) This one is very important >>> Since SC does not allow me to "disconnect" the data feed at the chart level or enable/disable the entire study collection, I want a enable/disable input parameter to the chart builder study. This will allow me to disable this chart and save cpu cycles by not processing thus saving precious CPU bandwidth. This will allow me to add many charts in my chartbook without the overhead of processing any data from the feed.
6) I need atleast 4 Session Start and Session End time input settings (instead of just two delivered by SC....it should ignore what I set in the chart settings field)
7) Input parameters for Start date and End Date as a primary data range or number of days parameter setting just like chart settings
8) Chart Builder should output all the standard ID0.SGnn main chart subgraph values available in the platform.I will need to use these values in my study collection and simple alert formulas.
8) Performance should be as good as the delivered charts.

I know I am asking a lot :-)
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