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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Dec 2023 09:21:41 +0000

Post From: Activation of Services/Connection

[2023-02-01 19:11:44]
skyfly93 - Posts: 10
Hi John thank you for the instructions. I have just paid for 6 months of package 11 and activated the CME exchange data. A few more questions for you below to help me get started:

1. Is there an easy/quick way to update all the symbol times to automatically be PST (or match my designated timezone)? I've set my timezone to PST and have set custom intraday session time for ES to match PST which worked. My question really boils down to, do I need to set the custom times for each symbol I want to trade to match PST or is there potentially a 1-2 click button/setting that would automatically set the intraday session times for every symbol to match my designated timezone.

2. In Global Settings -> Data/Trade Service Settings -> Service Settings - Do I need to fill the "Market Data username, Market Data Password, Historical Data Username, Historical Data Password" with any information? I've asked other SC users who are using trading evaluation services like Apex, Leeloo, Bulenox, Topstep, and they have told me conflicting information, to leave it blank or fill it with my Rithmic login information or to fill it with my sierra login information, so just wanted to get clarity on this. The charts seem to update whether or not it's filled in or blank.

3. I have 3 rithmic logins as I am using Apex, Bulenox, and Leeloo trading evaluation services. Is there an easier way to switch between which account I want to trade than to re-input the Data/Trade Service login for each service each time I want to trade using that account? Or can SC save the login credentials for each? I have also seen it mentioned about having multiple SC instances open... would that be a possible solution? For example, having 2 instances of SC open where one is logged into Apex and the other is logged into Bulenox? If so, please let me know how to accomplish that.

Thank you!