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Date/Time: Mon, 26 Feb 2024 23:32:27 +0000

Post From: Twitter Posts directly to Sierra Chart

[2023-01-28 11:49:08]
User676363 - Posts: 56
Also, some things that TradingView doesn't do:

1) Automatically add posts to the chart (you have to copy/paste each one). I prefer a vertical view (like with tweeten/tweetdeck) that lets me enter search terms and get all the tweets shown added automatically to the chart.

2) Translation. TradingView doesn't offer any translations, so people that don't speak English have difficulty with English, and people that speak in Chinese or Russian that tweet, waste time in trying to display and translate. I would like to see automatic translation to a selected language and have that language show on the chart and in the tweetdeck automatically.

Again, with a simple toggle to turn on and off individual tweets from displaying on the chart (a checkbox or switch next to each tweet).

And it might be nice to see this work not just with Twitter, but also with other social media platforms and RSS feeds.