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Date/Time: Sat, 18 May 2024 09:26:12 +0000

Post From: "Set Dates to Exclude" - comma delimiter not working

[2023-01-25 04:35:22]
User61168 - Posts: 351
Hello SC Support,

I am on the latest release and the comma delimiter mentioned in the thread below is not working. Is the delimiter removed from the latest version? Could I also request you to explore adding:
1) "Set Dates to Include". This will be a very powerful aid for users to troubleshoot or run algo on targeted days based on backtesting results in trade activity log
2) "Exclude all days when CME (or any exchange) is closing early (half-day) on holidays". I want my algo to ignore partial trading days :-!

New Global Symbol Setting to specify dates to exclude from chart
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-01-25 19:12:40