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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 23:24:49 +0000

Post From: Support Board | Delayed SC Data

[2023-01-17 09:05:03]
MitchandSoph - Posts: 28
Hi guys,

This is a slightly different situation to the other threads.

I have set up SC Data, and have a real account with EdgeClear. The point being I could log in to the EdgeClear account once a month to ensure my SC Data is live.

However, I use the Teton Order Routing service with EdgeClear, and apparently logging in via that doesn't give me live data. I had a crazy moment today when I realized I had been watching delayed data for god knows how long on the SC Data service, despite regularly logging in to my EdgeClear account via the CME Teton Order Routing Service.

Can you guys please help me get live data on my SC Data? Hoping you have a work-around on the back-end, or some other solution.