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Date/Time: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 04:12:41 +0000

Post From: Data missing (10 second) / Trial / Delayed Data

[2023-01-09 12:49:11]
User797751 - Posts: 5
I'm in trial with delayed data.

In ZB Contract Chart (10second); For example;
Its 15:06:20(real time) and i have 3 candles with 15:03:10 - 15:04:00 - 15:05:50 time next to each other.
And i am waiting the 4th candle(15:06:20) to show up
Ofcourse it needs to be; 15:05:50 - 15:06:00 - 15:06:10 - 15:06:20...
And there are lots of these.

With gold(gc) or ES , there are some missing candles also but not as much as ZB or ZF.

I have that problem with both candle sticks, OHLCs and number bars so charting is not the issue here
I don't think the time of the day can be problem.
I changed SC's time zone to my computers, tried some other solutions which i read in the forum but it didnt help.
As you mentioned in documents, my data is 10:10 late but as good as the live one.

So i'dont know what to do

i need a little help

Thanks ...


And one more thing i noticed now,
Time in Chart Header constantly stops or jumps forward in order to catch the actual delayed time ...
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