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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 08:31:29 +0000

Post From: delayed data

[2022-12-02 16:06:10]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23296
The reason you are getting delayed data for the CME Group is because you have a Non-Professional exchange active, which requires that you connect to your live, funded, futures trading account at least once a month for verification. You have not connected to your trading account in over a month, therefore the verified until date has passed.

If you need information on how to setup your system to connect to your trading service, then let us know what trading service you are using and we can then point you to the proper instructions.

You should not be having any issues with the NADAQ TotalView data, as that does not have the requirement that the CME group does. If you are having an issue with this data, then let us know the symbol you are using and we will look into it further.
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