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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 17:03:54 +0000

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[2022-11-08 07:10:27]
User587930 - Posts: 13

Hi User587930.. Yes the order allocation bug under SC/Linux/Wine is still there unfortunately. To resolve this bug and simplify the allocation steps, one future solution would be to list all the accounts and then have a check next to the accounts to copy to. Or, find out what is causing complete SC freeze with the allocation list as-is. Ideally we will see some help on this.

In SC under Linux/Wine, adding 1 allocation account after removing whatever is in the allocation accounts list works...however, when adding more than 1 account I have not been able to find a way for it to work without SC immediately freezing/hanging requiring an OS forced exit.

Trade copying is an incredibly powerful capability and I appreciate what has been implemented so far. Also, there is a third party developer and excellent trader working on a new and robust way to accomplish trade copying in SC within and between different accounts. As I get updates, I will add here.

For an interesting response to user's requests for trade copying between brokers, see the link below.

FWIW: SC's competitor has an add-on for this capability but I really do not want to change platforms for this capability at this time. Trade copying enables traders to make significant money while reducing risk if done properly. Often there are 1-10+ accounts copied.


For the 3rd party SC trade copying offerings, the between broker capability is available, however, please test thoroughly with your configuration, expertise and expectations.

Latest updates: Linux updated to 5.15.0-52, Wine 7.20 with no issues

Current configuration:
SierraChart Version 2448 64 bit (1 instances)
Mint Linux 21/Cinnamon desktop
Kernel 5.15.0-52 generic
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
GeForce GTX 1660 Nvidia/6 GB GDDR5/Driver 470.141.03/OpenGL
Dual Monitors 1920X1080 60 Hz for both monitors
Total System RAM: 16 Gig
Memory usage: <350 Meg running 1 and sometimes 2 instances.
CPU Utilization: <5% per SC instance
48 Charts, 4 instruments (ES, YM, NQ, RTY)
Denali data-feed with MBO data
Teton Order Routing with Stage5/Advantage
Rithmic for trader evaluations
RealVNC for remote access
Updated 11/1/22

PS: Here are some additional links for 3rd party trade copying developer offerings:

@ertrader thanks a lot for the confirmation and for providing a very detailed response. Will explore the alternatives you linked.