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Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14049
Here is more information regarding Teton order routing:
Trouble-free and properly managed server-side bracket orders. This is a huge advantage as compared to many of the other supported Trading services. With many of the other supported Trading services, either server-side bracket orders are not supported or there are various issues with using them.

Properly managed server-side bracket orders are so important since it makes the order handling very safe and low latency. With some of the other supported Trading services, the bracket order management is on the client side with a much higher delay from when the parent order fills, to when the Target and Stop orders are transmitted. This can be for example 300 ms and higher, rather than below 1 millisecond when managed on the server as they are with this service.

Server managed bracket orders, also mean that when the market is moving fast, there is a greatly reduced possibility that the stop order will be rejected. If the Stop order were rejected, it would leave the position unprotected.

Server-side Bracket orders are always enabled with this service regardless of the Use Server Side Bracket Orders setting.
Another advantage of server-side managed OCO and Bracket orders is that if your installation of Sierra Chart loses Internet connectivity or is closed, these orders continue to be managed on the server regardless of this and will protect the Position that they are intended for.
If you are using CQG, OCO and Bracket orders are not managed properly with that service. And Bracket orders are not server-side. This is all substandard. CQG users need to move to the Teton Order Routing service for properly managed OCO and Bracket orders.

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