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Date/Time: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 05:21:45 +0000

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[2022-09-30 13:46:30]
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Hi Mihai, I can give you a quick call to speak about this if you wish, but aside from that: if the features of Service Packages 5 (SP5) are what you want, then you would need to be on SP11 in order to get Real-time CME Group Data and EUREX Futures Data. If you wish I can convert your SP5 Usage Time into SP11 Usage Time:

For EUREX Data, please complete the Market Data Agreements and activate the type of Real-time Data that you want from them via #2 and #3 here:

For the CME Group Real-time Data there is more complexity, what will the CME Group charge you each month in order for you to get Real-time Data from them, will you qualify as a Professional or a Non-Professional? The data is the same, its just question of price, people that fall into the Professional category pay a lot more, 10x to 100x more.

Do you have a Futures Trading Account?

The CME Group expects you to have a Futures Trading Account in order to qualify as a Non-Professional
[*Note: we know of only the CME having this rule, not EUREX, not CFE, not NASDAQ, not NYSE, just CME*]

From the CME Certification:
"The Non-Professional Subscriber must:
a. have an active and funded futures trading account;
b. be an individual, natural person or small business entity"

The solution if you do not have a Futures Trading Account (but would otherwise qualify as a Non-Professional) is described here:
Easy Solution to CME Funded Trading Account Requirement
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