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Date/Time: Sat, 04 Feb 2023 18:35:30 +0000

Post From: does SC cover any products on the Brazilian exchanges

[2022-09-27 21:21:26]
John - SC Support - Posts: 21946
1. As long as you can get the data from CQG and you are using them for the order routing, then you can use Sierra Chart to Trade and Chart B3. We do not have data for the B3.

2. Same answer as above. As long as you are able to get the data from CQG and bring it into Sierra Chart, then you can use those charts to place orders with CQG.

The Sierra Chart Order Routing using TT is no longer available. We only have our Teton Order Routing service, which is a direct connection to the exchange.
For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing