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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 22:26:24 +0000

Post From: I want to use denali data but place orders on IB

[2022-09-19 18:38:22]
Tamer Ibrahem - Posts: 16
Subject updated from 'totally lost' to 'I want to use denali data but place orders on IB'

Hi, I was using Denali data with the help of of your colleague Raymond but I've noticed that the drop down on the Dom only has sim1 and my account with IB which was the main purpose to get SC is not there, so I went through the documentation to link them and now I can see my IB account but to do that I had to switch the Data/service settings on the global settings from SC to IB, so does that mean I'm using IB now as my data provider? and can't I just use your data but the orders would be placed on IB.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.