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Date/Time: Thu, 25 Apr 2024 02:09:33 +0000

Post From: Trading EUREX

[2022-08-17 10:42:47]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14076
So, let me ask you this: What is the next big project you are working on right now? What are your next milestones besides polishing the trading platform?

I am REALLY curious because i get the impression you have no big goals anymore. What else could/should be done with SC?
We have so many large and small development tasks, that we cannot keep up with all of them but we are doing our best with getting them done as soon as we can.

Anyway, we do not want to be posting them here. We will post them in another thread.

There was a degree of hesitancy always with EUREX, and it is just not a major exchange among our users. And EUREX does not make this easy in many ways including redundancy. So it is not simply not worth our time when we should be investing our time in our own exchange functionality which we are currently doing.
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