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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 23:50:21 +0000

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[2022-06-08 22:58:36]
User900285 - Posts: 71
Hi, when I try to load TSX symbols there are issues and inconsistencies.
Is this data feed still supported for delayed data and real time data?

For example when using these symbols FCR-UN.TO, GRT-UN.TO, the historical chart loads all days up until May 5th, 2022.

With a different symbol like DOL.TO, the historical chart loads fully until todays date. With the symbol DOL.TO on an intraday chart, when selecting Edit > Delete all data and Download, it provides an error message.
The message is 'Download Failed, error downloading historical intraday data, Historical data file not available for symbol'.

All symbol settings are set to the defaults and Chart Settings > Symbol Settings > Auto-Set from Data Feed is set to Yes.