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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 15:16:50 +0000

Post From: F.US.MESM22 will not open anymore

[2022-05-16 16:41:47]
User109490 - Posts: 7
Good evening John, thanks for your prompt reply.

Trying to follow the instructions, however, as the chart that that was giving trouble has been deleted I can't go back to it. Instead I tried with File>open new intraday chart and >search F.US.MESM22.scid.>Open
This returns a black surface with no data. (second try, the first warned of 'unknown symbol' as well as 'real time data not allowed'.) Clicking 'find symbol'now takes me to this symbol, however listed under 'other'. I then go to CME->F.US. MES and select the june contract. .Ok. Black screen. Back to F5->find symbol: again shows my june micro es listed under 'other', eventhough I just selected it from the CME list.
Opening the same symbol as a historical chart does work in that it shows data, these data however stop may 11th and I susepct that to be at 21:36, which is where the original intraday chart quit. Values Window and Toll val Window don't specify the time.
Would it perhaps help if I deleted last thursday's trades from the activity log?