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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 01:51:55 +0000

Post From: Charts always on End-Position

[2022-05-14 12:52:31]
DCSaba - Posts: 43
Do you need more explanation from me for this issue?

I have been struggling with this for years now and up until recently I could just use the Ctrl+End buttons to scroll not only the Active Chart to the "front end" (present) but also all of them.
Now somehow recently that functionality in Sierra has "become unreliable", ie. it does scroll other charts to the "front end", too, BUT NOT ALL.

I really believe that this issue is a very common one among users and discovering that a chart is not updating, because it's not scrolled to the "front end" happens only after a long time, when the chart no longer makes any sense in respect to the rest of the market.
And, of course, this is very dangerous, as each chart provides input for decisions and having one "out of whack" can be VERY detrimental as it give "false data" to the user.

Take for example a NVOL or NISS chart that still shows higher lows, while the market is turning downwards. Now, as I just said, this will become suspicious after a while, but NOT AT FIRST (!). First one will think that the price action simply is a pullback, instead of a full turn.

Do yo understand the issue I'm describing?