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Date/Time: Wed, 27 Sep 2023 02:33:42 +0000

Post From: question to datafeed and the future candles

[2022-04-13 18:58:26]
User562957 - Posts: 56
okay thank you for the help. Another question is or maybe I didnt understood it right. For example I use the 60 min chart and its very important for me that I can see all candles from the beginning of the contract so when I look on the 06-22 eurostoxx for example (the actual one)
that I can see the candles from january 2021 so that the sierra chart eurostoxx show me all 60 minute candles clearly from the beginning of the contract that eurex announced. When I used it in the past he didnt showed me right just dead candles with no volume cant work with that. I thought its the cqg datafeed that is the problem for example a collegue showed me his chart from a other platform and he can scroll from 06-22 the actual contract back to for example january 2021 (one year back) and more and the 60 min candles are clear so he can see the levels... So what I have to do that I dont have those dead candles without volume ?

I hope you understood me so that I can reactivate the right package