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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 15:44:12 +0000

Post From: question to datafeed and the future candles

[2022-04-08 16:41:24]
User562957 - Posts: 58

I searched on your website Data services but I didn´t found anything so. I want to ask when I want Eurex Datafeed it costs 21$ but but can I choose if I want cqg or rithmic ? or is that just possible when I have a Live Account and do trading from a broker so I choose which one.

And the second thing is the picture. When I used it back then sierra chart in the future market for example eurostoxx50 they only showed me 1-3 month clear 60 minutes candles in the past. So for example I couldnt see clearly what happened further back the candles aren´t clear. Can you tell me why it is ? The picture is the chart from 2020 but it doesnt matter because usually the contract of a future opens 2 years before the contract are away so the candles have to be clear can you tell my why ? is it the difference between cqg and rithmic ? that cqg only show m3 3 monath back the candles ?

I hope you can help me ?
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