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Post From: Notice: CTS Trading Service Symbols

[2014-04-05 21:44:22]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68147

Symbol Error - CL.20140500.CME_NY is unknown, unavailable, or improperly formatted. Security definition not found | 2014-04-05 15:22:02

This problem occurred with an early revision of 1116. Update again with Help >> Download Prerelease. This should solve the problem unless there is some other issue going on, on the CTS side. If so, then we have had it with CTS. We will not put up with their poorly designed systems any longer.

is there any way to use the SC realtime feed with topsteptrader?
Yes you can, but it is not really relevant because if you are having a problem with a security definition not found, you cannot trade either using CTS.

Would I have to enable the 2nd live feed connection with IB, then connect to that from my CTS SC instance as a remote feed?
Not quite sure where you get this from. This does not make sense and it does not work like this.

In regards to exchange fees, those only have to be paid once per Sierra Chart account. Not for each real-time connection with the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed. You only need to use a second real-time connection if you are using the data feed from two separate instances of Sierra Chart at the same time. Each instance uses a direct connection. You would not be using any kind of data sharing from a remote instance of Sierra Chart.

Anyway, none of this is particularly relevant because as we said if you cannot get the security definition, you cannot trade either.

All of this only goes to show why we have insisted numerous times the CTS, that their whole model of how they handle subscribing to symbols, is unnecessarily complicated. And the more and more we look at this and the more problems we see, it becomes more clear, that our position is 100% correct. No other trading platform works like they do. It does not make sense. It is causing an unnecessary amount of problems for us and for users.

Reading through this post, and responding to each and every single question, is time-consuming. Especially when there is a misunderstanding about how things work , because that we have to spend more time to explain how things do work.
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