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Date/Time: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 04:17:30 +0000

Post From: Data Problem

[2022-03-24 21:52:29]
PolandSpringer - Posts: 16
We need to know a symbol for which you have this issue.

X, CAT, NUE, etc. (any NYSE ticker)

Make sure you have the symbol correct. You need to add the suffix of '-NQTV' to the end of the symbol to get the delayed streaming data for the NASDAQ TotalView data. For example, to get the delayed streaming data for Apple, you would need to use the symbol 'AAPL-NQTV'.

I have not been using the suffix, that must be the problem for delayed data. As far as real time data goes, do I receive this for free w/ package 12? Or am I required to pay the $10.5 for real time connection as before?