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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 17:25:12 +0000

Post From: Important Notice for users of Sierra Chart Order Routing Service. Not referring to Teton.

[2022-03-01 00:42:35]
User279754 - Posts: 34
Thank you, I will initiate the change with my broker.

Question: I use a sub-instance for managing a client's account. It runs on the same machine as the primary data feed. As such, I just want to confirm I will still be able to use DTC Sub-Instance to run the second instance of Sierra Chart--is that correct? And since both instances are running on the same machine I should have the "Use Sierra Chart Username & Password" field set to "No" on the sub-instance? Just want to ensure when I transition to the new routing service that everything goes smoothly, as I manage two very large accounts that are running 100% automated trading, so performance is crucial.

Thanks in advance for your time and input.
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