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Date/Time: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 14:58:03 +0000

Post From: Error when moving target/SL

[2022-02-26 01:13:41]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
This is not true:
emphasized that CQG does not work well with SC and OCO orders are not reliable since they're not on the server side.
OCO orders are on the server-side and managed by CQG after the parent order fills.

This is also untrue:
Last year or so Sierra Chart released a different iteration their order routing system, but unfortunately, the system crashed and was nearly down for a month. After this the FCMs we work with discontinued any form of routing offered by Sierra."

This is flatly false. There has not been a different iteration of our order routing system. It has always been the same one that works with TT and that has been operational now going on about three years. We do have the new Teton order routing service, with direct CME connectivity but that is different than what they are referring to.

The Sierra Chart Order Routing Service (Not Teton) never crashed. It has had 100% uptime all the time since release aside from any Internet connectivity issues. And Internet connectivity issues are mitigated through the use of multiple servers, and multiple ISPs.

It utilizes, Trading Technologies for order routing. In February 2021, TT had an issue one morning, where there was an interruption in connectivity to the CME for two hours, and upon a reconnection, TT had reprocessed order fills causing the position quantities to be incorrect. This was a TT issue, that lasted two hours.

And during that 2 hour incident from TT, the Sierra Chart order routing service was up 100% of the time. No issues on the Sierra Chart side whatsoever.

Where does the one-month come from? And only AMP discontinued support for it is because they relied heavily upon auto liquidation due to their operating model and were adversely affected by the TT auto liquidation triggering which subsequently occurred (which they configured and set up on the TT system and Sierra Chart had nothing to do with or any knowledge of).

No other FCM discontinued TT, or the Sierra Chart order routing service. It was only AMP who discontinued support for the Sierra Chart TT based order routing service. Optimus Futures use of plural form of FCMs is just not true.

The decision by AMP to discontinue support for TT FIX is perfectly fine. They have to make an appropriate decision. There is no complaint from us regarding that.

the system crashed and was nearly down for a month.
When TT had this issue in February 2021, AMP shut down access to TT for all their customers using TT due to the problem of TT auto liquidation that they suffered. Access was shut down to TT FIX being utilized by Sierra Chart users, And to TT X-trader. They shut down access to TT for everyone for a period of two weeks including their X- trader users. And then they reopened it for X-trader under the condition, that those users, sign an agreement, that in the case of auto liquidation, AMP and TT are not liable.

AMP never restored support for TT FIX, which was used by the Sierra Chart Order Routing Service, after that incident.

The auto liquidation issue from TT that AMP encountered in February 2021, affected AMP X-trader users as well!

And CQG, about a month( approximately, could have been more or less) after the TT incident, had an issue, affecting their order routing. From what we remember, it was an issue related to the management of OCO and bracket orders. This was a significant incident that lasted a significant amount of time within the day (The exact time we do not know). Then sometime later after that CQG also had an issue involving margin calculations.

Optimus Futures is giving out misinformation. What they are saying is flatly untrue.

Optimus futures should be aware of the facts.

The Sierra Chart order routing service is still functional with Phillip Capital, Dorman, Advantage. But we are moving users off it because there is no longer a need for the service and it was always our long-term intention, to have direct routing to the exchanges and TT was only a temporary solution.

One of the main reasons at that AMP discontinued support for the TT based order routing service was because they had some ongoing issues with TT that we were unaware of, where there were timeouts and very long processing times with their risk management interaction with TT. All of this was unrelated to Sierra Chart. And something that we were not aware of. Effectively AMP found the TT system unacceptable to work with from a clearing firm relationship, for a large number of accounts.

At this point I would like to get help directly from SC. What do you recommend? Can you pinpoint the issue?

Do you have other clients with a similar issues, and what do they end up doing? Would you be able to assist me get set up with Teton?
Yes we can help you. We just need the information requested here to determine what the problem is:
Trade Activity Log Analysis: Support Assisted Trade Activity Log Analysis

Typically the issue would be the time in force for the attached orders is set to day. We will analyze the issue, for simulated trading even though it says we will not. Try to reproduce the problem in Trade Simulation Mode and then we will determine what the problem is.

Or provide us the log and details for the live trading issue and we will see what happened in that specific case.


And we also want to briefly talk about CQG bracket orders and why Sierra Chart does not support those. The problem with them is that when we used them with CQG FIX, when there would be a partial fill of the parent order and there is a quantity of greater than 1 with the parent order, what CQG does is they then generate additional individual orders, separate from the original attached orders for those additional fills.

This is very confusing, and prevents proper management of orders subsequent to that on the Sierra Chart side and is completely unacceptable. It creates terrible confusion to users, and they cannot manage the orders properly from that point. When we brought this issue to CQG, they said that this should not happen. We then tried working with different order flags to resolve the issue but it was unresolved. Therefore, support was removed for bracket orders from CQG and this is why to this day they are not supported.

Also OCO orders managed by CQG, have another kind of issue related to partial fills.

The simple fact is, for the best order routing for Sierra Chart, at the lowest cost, the only choice is to use the Teton order routing service. And to move away from CQG and we ask all of our users to move off of CQG as soon as possible and we are going to be raising the price to use CQG soon.
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