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Date/Time: Fri, 01 Mar 2024 21:40:40 +0000

Post From: Error when moving target/SL

[2022-02-26 00:34:13]
User566250 - Posts: 23

The issue of OCO orders cancelling persists. This is the second time it has happened live, and it seems to also happen in SIM. On Wednesday, after I entered a trade with OCO, I tried to modify the orders as usual and it just closed the position on the spot.
Error message: Unable to modify order because it is no longer working. Then flattens position on the spot.

I contacted Optimus futures and they ruled out AMP being an issue and emphasized that CQG does not work well with SC and OCO orders are not reliable since they're not on the server side. I still did not get a reason as to why the positions are closed on the spot when modified, and why does it also happen in SIM mode.

I have attached the screenshot below after it closed the position.

Optimus recommended to open up a CQG page to execute and to use SC only for analysis. I do not like the idea and find it to be inefficient.

Previously, I had inquired about Teton and whether it works with AMP. Optimus recommended against using Teton for now and also mentioned that AMP is not working with them.

Here's the direct quote I got in January: "Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to offer Sierra Chart’s new Teton order routing system through AMP.

Last year or so Sierra Chart released a different iteration their order routing system, but unfortunately, the system crashed and was nearly down for a month. After this the FCMs we work with discontinued any form of routing offered by Sierra."

At this point I would like to get help directly from SC. What do you recommend? Can you pinpoint the issue?

Do you have other clients with a similar issues, and what do they end up doing? Would you be able to assist me get set up with Teton?

Your input is appreciated. I hope to find a way to continue to work with SC.
Thank you
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