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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 00:56:54 +0000

Post From: Notice: CTS Trading Service Symbols

[2014-03-30 16:13:11]
User82722 - Posts: 18
Thnk you!
Yes, clear log is OK.
Bat chat with symbols format CL.20140500.CME_NY gives me last value price 99.41(3-29-2014)(in some charts - 99.38 reason).This last value prices apply to contract CLJ14 (f.e. -> http://www.dormantrading.com/TraderTools/quotes.htm?&page=ccharts&sym=CLJ14&overlay=&sp=&nasdaq=&dow=)
If you are using a chart format CL.CME_20140500_CLK4.CME_NY, we get right to the last price 101.67(3-29-2014) for contract CLK14.
So, if you use a new recording format, then get the data of the old contract. And if you use an old recording format, then we get the correct data of the new contract, but then the order in Sierra Chart fixed on the old contract. But are sent to the host on a new contract(?). So like my result. You understand that by using the new recording format can not put a orders - not all data.
Current version Sierra Chart is 1114. And the same failure occurs on version 1110.
What is the reason? What am I doing wrong? Someone turns to trade oil in Sierra Charts + CTS T4 and how he does it?